How do you entice guests of all ages? A fun and festive hot cocoa bar is a sure-fire way to please the kids, the grandparents, and everyone in between. While it is important to keep safety in mind, having a dedicated area at a holiday party that allows guests to spruce up their dessert in a cup is a perfect idea. Want some ideas for what to include in your hot cocoa bar? Read more for some inspiration!



Mastering the Basics

Hot Cocoa starts with fresh ingredients. What is our secret to a great cup of cocoa? Choose the right chocolate, and use a low-fat milk. Skim milk is sometimes a bit too watery. Hot chocolate¬†should be creamy – not thick, but not watered down. You should also use unsweetened chocolate. You can always add sugar to a recipe, and the sugar in milk will still sweeten the chocolate. There is unsweetened cocoa powder, but try melting down chocolate and stirring into hot, or steamed milk. You’ll notice it is a bit more decadent!


Bring On the Add-Ons!

Now it is time to think of some tasty additions. Small dishes with the following treats will be a nice extension to your hot cocoa bar:

  • Candy Canes (for stirring)
  • Fresh Whipped Cream (as a topping)
  • Colored Sprinkles (red, green, blue – anything wintry or holiday theme)
  • Crushed Heath Candy (adds a toffee hint to hot cocoa)
  • Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or Brown Sugar
  • Caramel (drizzle)
  • Chunks of Peppermint Patties (for look AND flavor)
  • Graham Cracker Crumbs (to garnish the rim of your mug)


Add Some Grown-Up Fun

Adults looking to indulge in dessert AND a cocktail will find the hot cocoa bar as a one-stop-shop. Keep a bucket with ice close by, and fill it with Kahlua, Creme de Menthe, Amaretto, or other cocoa friendly liquors.

Hot Cocoa Bar Reminders

Keep vessels holding anything hot a safe distance from children’s hands. Monitor the extra toppings to ensure nothing is low or gone. Stock up the bar, and watch the fun commence!


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