Mother’s Day is around the corner! If your Mom (or Grandma, or Mother-in-Law) is a coffee-lover, we’ve compiled some great ideas for gifts. Read more if you’re looking for something to perk Mom up!

Mother's Day Coffee-Themed Ideas


Mother’s Day celebrations go back thousands of years. According to, there were celebrations held in Rome and Greece. These festivals celebrated birth and the goddesses of motherhood. Mother’s Day became an official National Holiday in the USA in 1914. While it is celebrated around the world – one thing is certain. Showing Mom some love is what it’s all about!


Mother’s Day Coffee-Themed Gift Ideas

Is your Mom a fan of mason jars or glassware? A little DIY project would be to find some small decorative jars and fill them with different coffee grinds. Have fun with flavors. Coconut, chocolate-mint, pumpkin, french vanilla, caramel, you get the idea! Use twine or ribbon to tie a spice stick, spoon, or other garnish to the rim of the glass jars.



Breakfast in Bed or Coffee with Slippers

Spend some quality time with Mom in a comfy, cozy setting. If you live with her, set your alarm a little earlier to brew her a cup of coffee or cocoa. If you don’t? Pay a visit to her, grab your coziest slippers and sweatpants and spend some quality downtime together. Sipping cocoa with Mom may become an annual ritual, and one to share with your future generations!



Does Mom like the spa? Give her a coffee-inspired spa treatment with coffee grinds! Print out some coffee-grind recipes for her to try, or create samples if you’re feeling creative. A small bottle of nail polish, alongside grinds and some hand lotion, makes a cute mini manicure kit for Mom to enjoy. Or save your energy, brew a thermos of coffee and take Mom on an adventure to an artsy little town or a walk by the water.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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