As they say, quality is everything. Every single cup of coffee comes with its own unique experience. But, often, those beans don’t live up to expectations. Due to a variety of factors, coffee quality tends to fluctuate from bag to bag. If you’re like many of us trying to find a way to filter out the poor batches, you’re on the right page.

To determine a standard for what you should be looking for, we’ve developed this guide to help get you started. When discussing the quality of coffee, there are two things you want to keep in mind – appearance and flavor.

The Appearance

How to Determine the Quality of Your Coffee Determining high-quality coffee is typically a little more straightforward then you’d think. Look for beans with a glossy look to them.

Since good quality coffee is packed with different acids and oils, the roasting process results in a glossy, almost shiny appearance. This is because when roasted, oils are pulled out of the bean. Subsequently, they coat the entire bean.

The glossier, the better!

The Flavor

Just because your cups tastes a bit acidic and/or sour doesn’t mean it’s necessarily low-quality. With so many different blends out there, the taste test can be tricky. What you mostly taste for is a sense of staleness. Stale coffee is often bland with the scent of rancid oil.

Different blends provide different flavors, but stale definitely isn’t one of them.

How to Determine the Quality of Your Coffee

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