Is there anything more anxiety-inducing than hosting a boring conference?

A natural disaster could derail your guests and all your plans, and it would still be marginally better than sending hundreds of people home after three or four days with nothing to talk about. (Not that we’re wishing that on anyone, of course.)

The mistake too many event planners make is swinging for the fences when, really, a steady stream of singles and doubles would be so much more beneficial to their causes. If baseball analogies aren’t your thing, think of it this way: The more emphasis you place on that big-name speaker or a centerpiece event, the more it undermines all the rest. And as you know all too well, that includes a lot of stuff.

After more than 25 years on the events circuit, one thing we know is that the details matter to guests. So, you may be wondering about the value of a coffee bar. It could be categorized as a detail in the context of a massive conference, those details add up.

They’re constant reminders to your guests of how beautifully curated their experience is. It may not occur to them while they’re blowing the steam away from their cup of freshly-brewed single-origin coffee or licking the froth from their upper lip after sipping their expertly-poured cappuccino.

But it may while they’re pouring their coffee from a three-foot urn in a generic lobby in Nashville next week or when they’re looking for the nonexistent coffee bar among the impersonal corridors of a conference center in Orlando.

Details are subtle, so they may register immediately, but it’s rarely in an obvious kind of way. Rest assured, though, they will eventually take route.

Also, because we’ve been at this for so long, we know what you’re up against. And the last thing you need is another high-maintenance vendor constantly vying for your attention. With the basic parameters, we’ll tailor a unique and personal experience that aligns with your concept and audience.

As you may have already picked up, we’re totally comfortable letting our coffee do all the attention-grabbing.

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