Flooding your friend’s timelines on social media is an essential part of getting married. What’s the fun of tying the knot if there aren’t enough photos to fill albums for years to come? With that being said, finding the perfect wedding photographer goes a long way. Make sure you work with a professional so the right angles are captured, but the work doesn’t stop there.

After hiring a photographer you feel comfortable with, it’s time to move on to the important part; perfecting the photoshoots. Pre-wedding shoots are all about setting the scene for your perfect day. But, many soon-to-be newlyweds don’t know the right questions to ask the photographer. Without asking the right questions, you can be setting yourself up for failure.

Here are a few unexpected questions you need to ask your wedding photographer before hiring them and making any commitments.

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Do you shoot in both digital and film formats?

Some of you out there may be fine with just digital, but film is making a steady comeback. If you’re planning on scrapbooking following your wedding, a film format is a must. Mention that you are interested in the trending Polaroid styles and see if your photographer is up to speed with the latest techniques.

What are your overtime charges?

Let’s be honest; wedding days often run later than expected. Some of the most memorable experiences occur in later hours of the night, and these moments need to be captured. Ask what they charge for overtime and if they are available for shots after the initial ceremony. The last thing you want is to rely on your uncle’s flip phone to capture the scene.

Will you have assistants with you?

A one-person photography team is possible, but it will hinder the number of photos taken. See if they can bring in any extra photographers to take pictures from multiple angles. It may cost extra, but it’s worth the extra bucks.

Have you ever shot the venue before?

Every venue is different, and each place has optimal areas for photography. Check in to see if the person you hire is familiar with the venue you’re booking. This could make all the difference in the quality of each shot.

Do you bring your own equipment & lighting?

If a photographer requires you to set up all lighting, costs can run pretty high. See what the photographer provides and make a judgment based on what they plan to bring along with them.

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