As you begin perusing your local mall or shopping center, when you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, things start to get bland quickly. After all, the same old brick-and-mortar store has often become just as redundant as the next. Typical shelving designs paired with dim lights isn’t going to completely break a shopping experience, but it certainly won’t bring your store to life.

With the help of mobile coffee catering, we can transform your space into one of the most inviting locations in the area.

What Can Coffee Catering Provide Your Business?

Top-off Your Retail Experience with Mobile Coffee CateringChristopher David, the owner of a Portland interior design firm, discussed with in detail about his experience with adding a mobile coffee cart to his brick-and-mortar store. He dives into the initial idea he and his business partners had “planned the coffee shop as a grab-and-go stand in their retail space,” but it quickly became so much more. Christopher David remarks that it didn’t only take the design of his storefront to the next level. The coffee bar also attracted more customers to his location than ever before.

Their design firm has since needed to increase the number of seats, Co-owner Chis Giovarelli notes. “We found that people do want to come and stay.”

That’s the magic of a mobile coffee catering.

That Same Old Shopping Trip? No More!

Whether we’re talking improving your brick-and-mortar experience or more simply just a shopping center location, coffee always saves the day. Over the holiday season, we’ve had the pleasure of popping up our espresso bars in malls all over the east coast. Companies trust a mobile coffee catering experience to captivate customers, and our team knows just what that entails.

Check out the picture below or more on our Instagram for more featured mobile coffee carts in a variety of retail locations. Feel free to reach out to us to get more of an idea of how we can top off your retail locations!

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