The long wait for Winter to be over is finally here, and it calls for a celebration. Let’s all agree there’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a snowy winter day, but chilled coffee on a warm spring day offers competition. Staying cool and caffeinated is what we’re all about this upcoming season! 

With help from our cold brew recipe, there’s no need to adventure to your overcrowded local Starbucks. That same delicious cold brew flavor is only three steps away (and we don’t mean to the next-door cafe). Cold-brew is a fairly strait-forward recipe with the only real requirements being coffee, water, and a whole lot of patience.

Keep in mind cold brew takes up to 12 hours to be ready for serving, so plan ahead. Or, check out the upcoming weather forecast and get your cold brew ready for the perfect spring day.

How to Make Cold Brew

Start by grinding up your beans like you usually would, but try to keep your ground-up coffee more on the courser side. Keep in mind for every 4 cups of water you add; you’ll need 3/4’s cup of coffee.

How to Make Cold Brew for Beginners

Once you have your course ground-up coffee ready, pour it all into a container. (Plastic, glass, or ceramic pitchers all work, so that parts up to you. ) Pro tip: use a pitcher with a compatible French press lid. This makes the upcoming strainer portion much easier!

Next, pour water into your pitcher nice and slowly.

After pouring the water, mix everything up with a spoon. Make sure all the grounds are completely soaked! 

Pop the lid on your container and grab a book or two; you’ll be waiting for a while! Let your mixture sit for at least 12 hours. 

How to Make Cold Brew for Beginners

Once the long-awaited anticipation is over, use a filter when pouring out your coffee concoction. If you’re using a French press lid, simply plunge it, and get ready to enjoy. 

Pour your cold brew coffee over ice, and voila

For an extra spring flavor, mix in milk, sugar, and a bit of lemonade. Don’t knock it until you try it!

How to Make Cold Brew for Beginners

(& shout-out Food52 for the help!)

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