Let’s face it; we’ve all been there before. After a long night of dancing the night away, you might find yourself struggling to get out of bed. Plus, as we age, those hangovers start to feel a heck of a lot more brutal. Even if you’re lying in bed all day with your best friend Advil helping out, there are a few tricks to making it through the day. One of which is a favorite of ours; coffee.

So, is coffee really a hangover cure? Let’s find out in today’s featured coffee blog article.

Caffeine is the Cure

The main ingredient that we’ve all grown to love is the reason coffee is one of the best hangover cures around. Caffeine has been studied and proven as an effective way to eliminate hangover side effects. In one specific study, Thomas Jefferson University’s Michael Oshinksky found substantial evidence supporting this fact.

After inducing a few rats in the lab with alcohol, 4 hours passed by, and let’s just say the test subjects were feeling it. As the hangover set in, they gave each rat caffeine and an anti-inflammatory such as aspirin. What was found is that the rats showed a significant result of blocking acetate and thus relieving headaches. As much as these rats enjoyed the open bar experience, we don’t suggest trying this study at home with any test subjects aside from yourself.

As incredible as these results are, we can’t say exactly how much this combination of aspirin and caffeine goes into really curing a hangover. But, results do favor that this dynamic duo remedies the awful side effects.

The next time you wake up feeling the effects of a long night drinking, make sure you get a cup of coffee brewing. Although it might not be a one-fix-cure-all, caffeine is your best bet to relieving that unfavorable pounding headache.

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