Trade shows don’t always end up exactly how brands planned. Plenty of times, you’ll see companies set up a booth with the expectation that crowds will flock to them. The harsh reality is, without a strategy, your trade show booth isn’t going very far. Once you consider just how vast the competition is, it becomes pretty clear how much work needs to be put in for you to be successful. Getting a leg up on neighboring booths can be tricky, but not for long!

To make the most out of a trade show experience, here are a couple of things that you should always account for. Don’t get lost in the crowd, stand out with these three trade show tips.

1. Make an Impression

Some say that first impressions don’t mean everything, but they are far-off from the truth. In the world of trade shows, making a splash with your initial reception is everything. In order to make a lasting impression on your potential clients, it’s time to get creative. When setting up your booth, make sure to use imagery that resonates with your audience. It’s crucial to not only attract guests with your products but also by how you are showing them off.

Creative trade show displays include interactive set-ups and photo ops, but why not get even more innovative? The idea of a “relaxation lounge” has been taking the trade show world by storm. By giving your customers a place to relax, you’re creating an inviting atmosphere while highlighting your brand. Win-win!

Maximize Your Trade Show Results
Dyson’s Relaxation Booth

2. Bring the Experience

If you’re not going to focus too much on finding the perfect imagery for your trade show booth, we have an even better idea. In order to invite people into your space, provide something to look forward to. By bringing the experience to them, you’re creating a culture around your brand that people will want to get involved with.

Are you wondering about the best ways to build up the crowd? If there’s one thing everyone needs at a trade show, it’s coffee. By providing a mobile coffee bar station, you’re giving people exactly what they want & need. While they stand around enjoying their brew, it’s the perfect time to strike up a conversation about your brand! It shouldn’t surprise you; everyone is more willing to chat when they sip on our signature espressos.

Maximize Your Trade Show Results
Cupa Cabana Coffee Bar at Trade Show

3. Spread the Word

Now that you’ve created an inviting booth with a unique experience, it’s time to spread the word. By using social media hashtags and Instagram stories, you can begin reaching audiences companies never once could. Try mixing in branded hashtags of your own while capitalizing on hashtags of the event. This way, you’re building up your brand’s exposure while contributing to the trade shows online presence.

When you begin posting your booth’s experience, it’s only a matter of time before the crowd starts to gather!

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