You: Mobile Coffee Bar and Catering Near Me? Us: Well, Hello There

With the hangover-muddled passing of New Year’s Day, and not another long weekend in sight for months (for most of us), we sigh and mumble into our chunky sweaters, It’s gonna be a long, dark couple of months. Yet, here we sit, just a few weeks later, on the eve of two of the year’s biggest parties: the Super Bowl and, a month later, the Oscars. Nachos, flatscreens turned up way too loud, and late-game (and -ceremony) chokes. Oh, my!

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Of course, you realized this, in part or whole, already. That’s why you were Googling coffee catering near me, right? Or was that for next month’s regional sales meeting? In which case, also a great call. But, since you’re already sold on the whole coffee catering thing, let’s rethink your Super Bowl and Oscar parties.

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As big a deal as both have become, guests tend to have relatively low expectations for them. They are, after all, affairs constructed around watching events on TV together, and those events can be fairly unimpressive to everyone outside of gambling addicts and Meryl Streep adorers. Last year was the exception. And because all of the action happened after everyone on this side of the country called it a night, there’s a collective determination to see them through to the end this time around, for better or for worse. But, you know, hopefully worse.

That calls for coffee. And lots of it. Because the other thing about these parties is that they fall on Sunday nights, so they’re not usually big booze fests. Sure, a drink or two to break the ice. Once they’ve been downed, though, and it’s clear that all the prime seating’s gone in the living room, that’s when the first batch of guests begins to make its discreet exit. Can you blame them?

If there was the promise of more, however, say, in form of the scent of fresh-brewing coffee or the delightful thumping behind an espresso shot, that’s a different kind of party altogether. And when you have a legit barista manning a coffee bar right in your own home, suddenly the game and the show become secondary attractions. Watch, if you like. But if you don’t, there’s this whole café vibe taking over the corner of the kitchen.

You’ll notice the volume come down on the TV and friends and strangers alike hanging out in small clusters over steaming cups, totally oblivious to their reason for being there. Usually that’s a bad thing. But, let’s be honest. It’s FOMO that drags most of us to these parties, and even nudges some of us to host them. So, if we can be in proximity to be able to say we were there when we’re asked the next day at the office and still pull a lovely night out of it, win-win. That has to be better than slipping out the backdoor after an hour and lying about our whereabouts. And you’re remembered for throwing the Super Bowl and Oscar parties that no one left prematurely. If only this was 2017.

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