You are planning an event. It could be your wedding or an iconic birthday celebration. There are some questions you will want to ask your caterer. These questions are based on preference, but also will help them understand what they need to do for you to make your party a success. Let’ss go through some areas to touch base with your caterer. When you finish this article, do a little research and see what others in your shoes liked or disliked about caterers in your area.

Question 1: How many years have you done business?

Gauge their knowledge and expertise upon their time spent in the catering field. Are they a new business? If so, you will likely need to have some patience as they get their bearings and roll out the preparation for your event.

Question 2: How many and what kind of events do you do a year, typically?

This should give you an idea of their level of experience as well.

Question 3: Who will be my contact person? What is their availability?

Establish an expectation of communications. While your catering contact should actively get back to you regarding questions or changes, be courteous and proactive by letting them know your needs and best methods/times of contact.

Question 4: This is my budget. What can we do with this?

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Question 5: With __ amount of people invited/attending, what should we prepare for when it comes to food?

A caterer will be able to make suggestions and helpful notes based on the information you provide them, including guest count. Other things that can affect your meal is location, setup, and other needs.



Cupa Cabana Caterer Questions


Question 6: Do you provide decor for tables/stations/etc.

This is your preference. Some companies may; others may not. This is also going to change based on your budget.

Question 7: We plan to have you provide liquor. Do you have liquor liability insurance?

Answer: This is a necessity. Only take yes for an answer, if you plan on having them serve and they are providing you with the alcohol.

Question 8: Pre-set menu? Custom menu?

Answer: This is your preference. Depending on the caterer, they will be able to provide you with a menu or allow you to design your own and then figure out the costs associated.

Question 9: How will you handle last minute requests?

Things tend to happen close to an event date. Be prepared by knowing what your catering company does to prepare.

Question 10: We have some mini adults attending. What will it cost for them?

Answer: Many times caterers will offer children meal options. Explore costs and calculate how many kids you’ll need to feed.

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