The global catering industry is finding itself in a growth spurt and with good reason. More and more organizations, from assisted living facilities to hospitals are outsourcing food needs. Instead of spending money and internal resources, outsourcing catering allows internal teams to focus on core initiatives and projects.

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Catering Industry Trends for 2018

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Healthy Food and Drink Options
The focus on health and wellness is a hot topic. So much so, it is imperative for caterers to offer more robust options for guests and organizations with the heightened interest in ingredients, farm-raising, sustainability and organic food sourcing. Environmentally friendly processes and food waste management-focus set apart businesses from others because of an added layer of a good cause. People feel good if they know they are utilizing a service that contributes to the bettering of society, environment or industry.

Aesthetics, please.
Setup and presentation make the difference, especially when it comes to accentuating an event. Not only should food be good for you, but it should also be good to look at too. No one wants to eat something that doesn’t seem enticing. Presentation attracts people to learn more, explore options, and try new things. Customized menus are HUGE. Individuals are looking for a personalized touch when hiring a caterer, especially for special, themed events.

The Appetite of Baby Boomers
With a large generation of seniors becoming a customer base, catering companies will need to begin focusing on quality and taste and overall nutrition for an older demographic. Higher spending, especially when it comes to food services is expected in years to come. Across the board, caterers are expected to meet the demand of a growing middle class and increase in consumer spending, which will attribute to catering industry growth in 2018.

It will be interesting to see what else lay in store for the catering industry over the next few years. Especially with the advancement of technology and other factors coming into play. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

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