Ah, it’s almost that time to get cozied up to the fireplace with a pumpkin spice latte! With Autumn right around the corner, we know just how many of you plan out your special day with a side of more temperate weather. Summer can be a great place to hold your wedding day, but sometimes the sun becomes the star of the show rather than the bride. Plan out your Fall wedding with thoughts of beautifully themed displays and cooled down weather so your guests can stay comfortable throughout the entire ceremony.

Fall weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option for engaged couples. Ideal weather paired with unmatched scenery is the perfect way to set the scene for the big day. But, with so many options during this trendy time for get-togethers, the number of options can get overwhelming.

Take a look at 4 of our favorite trends for weddings during Fall to find that special touch to top things off!

Sunflower Field

Sunflowers and Fall go together hand in hand. Whether it’s the beauty of these popular flowers as a backdrop or to set the mood, sunflowers take wedding above and beyond expectations. There’s just something about being in a field with these massive beauties that make for a showstopping wedding ceremony.

Think of all the different ways you can incorporate sunflowers into your wedding designs! They provide a pop of color among an otherwise neutral day (see more below on fall wedding colors).

Perfect Your Fall Wedding with these 4 Trends

Autumn Inspired Centerpieces

If you’re an event planner or wedding planner, you know how crucial it is to set the mood with the appropriate centerpiece. Look to create centerpieces that feature floral hints of Autumn, such as hints of cranberry plants and fallen leaves paired with pumpkin accents.

Are you looking for a little inspiration? Check out a few stunning Fall centerpieces below and imagine the different ways you can introduce fall colors to the table.

Perfect Your Fall Wedding with these 4 Trends

Hot Chocolate & Mobile Coffee Bar

Champagne is a go-to for wedding celebrations, but for Fall weddings, sometimes guests look for a warmer option. Let’s be honest, hot chocolate & coffee bars shine brightest during the Autumn season. Pair your coffee bar with peppermint and cinnamon sticks to bring everything together. Hot refreshments are always a hit!

Perfect Your Fall Wedding with these 4 Trends

Fall Colors

On the more obvious side of things, make sure your bide, and groom colors are of the Fall hue. Take a look at a color palette for yourself and see which colors best fit your fancy. Or, simply take some inspiration from the nature that surrounds you! There are more than a few colors to choose from during this captivating season.

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