Corporate meetings aren’t exactly something employees are looking forward to. Staring at the clock, crowded in a room full of colleagues, is a feeling many of us can relate with. But, what if we told you that you could give your hard-working employees something to get excited about? No, not fake-excited like when you tried to rally the troops to the local escape room. We’re talking about a genuine way to give back to your staff who deserve it.

With the inclusion of a mobile coffee cart from Cupa Cabana, corporate meetings are no longer the dreaded part of a schedule. Create conversation while giving everyone a much-needed break from the busy corporate life.

Read on to learn about a few different ways Cupa Cabana’s premier coffee catering services can get involved with your next corporate meeting. Your team will thank you later!

Spice Up Your Next Corporate Meeting

Coffee Catering for Corporate Events and Meetings

As you know, the break room gets pretty crowded when a new coffee pot gets brewed. Recreate that feeling of excitement when your employees get a taste of our proprietary coffee blend! We provide a variety of syrups so everyone can get a coffee they can truly enjoy.

Corporate meetings can’t just all be for show. When your staff inevitably gets worn down tuning into the same lecture repeatedly, coffee bars are vital to regaining attention. If it isn’t our wide selection that gets them going, we can guarantee the service of professional baristas will be a welcomed switch. Our professionally trained baristas incorporate cinnamon spice latte art to accompany some of the finest brews in the catering industry.

What else is there to add? Take a look at a few of our recent corporate events and you’ll see. By pairing your cup-of-joe with exquisite, local pastries, you check all the boxes. Or, opt for a selection of fresh farm-raised fruits to reward your team!

Whatever you decide on, Cupa Cabana is here to make it happen for both you and your employees with coffee catering at the next corporate meeting.

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