The buds on the trees and emerging bulbs in the garden are promises of better weather. Most people have started appearing out of hibernation, so to say. A spring-themed event is likely to entice those of us who hunker down in the cold season. We see many outdoor events over the spring months and lucky enough to be inspired by some. This is why we’d love to share with you some tips on how to master the planning of an event and the best way to add the spring season to it!


So what exactly connotates spring? Most people would certainly say, “flowers” – and we agree!


A spring-themed event should most definitely include flowers. Tulips, pansies, daffodils, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, dahlias, and peonies are all wonderful examples of spring flowers. Tying these florals into an event will give it that seasonal feel.

Cupa Cabana - Spring-Themed Event Tips

We recently saw an adorable post from Marshalls, which included patterned teacups and vessels as planters. For some inspiration, see the post HERE.

Don’t have flowers available? That is okay. Create paper florals with pastel-colored tissue paper! You can mix and match colors to create styles all your own.

Another way to entice guests out of the winter funk is to warm them up with something delicious. Having a coffee or tea station set up at your event will guarantee guests will mingle! Lay down a crisp linen, add some cute vessels with an array of add-ons, and begin to get the water hot. You can also hire a service like ours to cut down on your leg work. Remember, you may be the host or hostess, but you deserve some mingling too!

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Spring is about rebirth and growth. That’s why there is so much green! As life comes back to the terrain, bring a bit of that into your event for a seasonal touch. Clover, palm fronds, ferns – all of these are great options. Looking for some good green treats to serve? Check out this amazing recipe for homemade pistachio macarons from Style Me Pretty. Tasty finger foods¬†are a guaranteed hit!

Enjoy Your Spring-Themed Event or Celebration!

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