There is a lot to consider in the day and life of a doctor. This may be why we think it is so important to celebrate National Doctors’ Day. While they work on small amounts of sleep and large amounts of coffee, we go about our lives as normal. That is until we need their opinions and body wellness knowledge. March 29th, 2017 is the day we thank them for their knowledge, services, and presence!

National Doctors' Day - Cupa Cabana


What is National Doctors’ Day?

Established in 1933, National Doctors’ Day commemorates the contributions of physicians in the community. Many times, institutions or organizations will hold a luncheon or something to show appreciation to its’ doctors.

Common formalities of this holiday include giving a doctor and their spouse a red carnation. One of the meanings of light red carnations is admiration – so this gesture is extremely fitting.

We think it is important to observe Doctors’ Day for a few reasons. Being a doctor is by far, one of the most challenging jobs. A good doctor knows the body, while a great doctor knows the body but also can communicate carefully with the human mind. What do we mean? Most doctors will inform families of medical processes, answer a million questions, and (the great doctors) can help ease their patients’ worries through their words and actions. Even in dire situations, doctors must act composed and collected¬†and use their head in unfavorable conversations.

Another reason we should observe Doctors’ Day is to show our thanks for the amount of time and hours put in to be a successful physician. Did you know it takes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and then another 3 years working in a hospital or medical facility to be considered a doctor? Even further, certain positions for doctors require up to 8 years of working in a health facility or hospital before they are fully trained. Saying thank you one day of the year is a small feat compared to what they have endured.

Say thank you to your doctor on March 29th. Even better, as of 2017 – National Doctors’ Week received an extension. Now, we may observe an entire week dedicated to physicians.

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