The combination of a brisk breeze and flowers beginning to blossom are just two reasons so many fall in love with spring weddings. As much as we’d all like to think summer is a perfect time, you can ask the groomsmen in 3 layers of suits how they feel about the hot, humid air. Who wants to be drenched in sweat on one of the most photographed days of their lives?

On the other hand, winter can be an excellent time to commence your love, but few of us are willing to adventure outside. Indoor receptions and ceremonies are nice options, but not for everybody. So, what’s the perfect middle ground between winter and summer weddings? You guessed it – a spring wedding!

If you keep up with our blog posts, you know we do an annual prediction of wedding trends each season. This year is no different! We’ve gathered together five 2022 spring wedding trends so you can be ahead of the curb with your planning process.

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

Escort Cards

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

It may sound simple to assign seating and hope everyone finds their way, but that’s not always the case. Utilize creative escort cards to allow your wedding guests to find their assigned tables easily, just don’t forget to create one for every guest attending. Each card should include the guest’s full name and given table number.

From there, work with a designer (or hit up Pinterest) to see the different ways you can set up your escort cards. This is a terrific way to greet guests with a splash of creativity as soon as they enter the venue!

Espresso & Coffee Catering

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends - Coffee Catering

When you think of the last wedding you attended, what’s one of the main things that come to mind? Let me guess – the food! Food and entertainment are two of the most memorable aspects of weddings, so you’ll want to make sure you call a catering company with a solid reputation. But don’t call just any catering company – you don’t want to end up with the same boring drinks found at every other wedding! Recently trending are mobile coffee bars that supply your guests with espresso shots all night long.

The original coffee catering company, Cupa Cabana, has been serving wedding for over 25 years and know exactly what it takes to make your wedding an everlasting memory. Request a quote today!

Food Trucks

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

Ah yes, we can’t forget about food trucks! Food trucks are an out-of-the-box way to spruce up the food options and give your guests a unique dining experience. Pairing a mobile coffee bar and a local food truck is an incredible way to make sure your guests stay full (and caffeinated!)

Natural Color Pallettes

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

Spring weddings tend to roll with natural color palettes, and the colors we’re here for in spring 2022 are as follows:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Taupe
  • Lilac
  • Blush
  • Peach
  • Baby blue
  • Sage green
  • Mustard yellow

Unique Lighting Options

Spring 2022 Wedding Trends

For those of you who are opting for an outdoor wedding in spring, you will want to find ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the ways we recommend doing so is with unique lighting options! This includes medieval lamps, chandeliers, fairy lights, and, of course, a few assorted candles.

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