Let’s rejoice; wedding season has finally begun to return! Although specific restrictions set in place by the CDC prevent large gatherings, we’ve noted wedding venues are filling up across the United States. The more, the merrier!

It’s no surprise that so many couples are angsty to tie the knot. As the summer weather approaches, we’re here to embrace it with open arms. Just don’t expect too many of your guests to show up in grey! This summer is projected to be a HOT one.

Are you ready to take your summer wedding to the next level? Join us! Our team has been brainstorming different ideas in preparation for your special day, with a seasonal twist.

Prosecco & Popsicles

Prosecco and popsicles? It doesn’t just roll off the tongue! These trendy flavors are a great way to keep your guests cooled down in the summer heat. Pro tip: try adding in edible flowers with your popsicle. Charm your guests while giving them a taste of the good life! Cheers.

Bring on the Flower Wall

What better way to set the scene than with a wall of your favorite flowers? With buds sprouting behind your cherished ceremony, an otherwise traditional routine becomes a popular photo-op.

You don’t always need to get overly bold with floral centerpieces! A flower wall invites guests to become a part of your big day without the need for any distracting details.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Iced Coffee

Sure, it can be difficult keeping track of all the different wedding trends that come and go.

Fortunately, here at Cupa Cabana, we’re proud to offer services that don’t seem to be going anywhere. For your upcoming summer wedding, don’t forget to consider coffee catering! By providing your guests with a central location to meet up and grab a cup of joe, the conversation continues to flow.

Although many opt for a traditional bar as a centerpiece, you have to keep in mind who your guests are. For a family-friendly day, take your wedding to the next level with a mobile coffee cart. We’ll provide everything you need to keep the party rolling!


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