The other half of Superbowl 50 calls its home Charlotte, NC. The Carolina Panthers stadium lies in the city of over 800,000 people – but there is much more to this town than just a championship football team: and that includes the coffee scene.

Charlotte North Carolina

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Charlotte Has a Craft Coffee Scene Too

In an article from, John Michael Cord, a co-owner of the Hex Coffee pop-up noted, “A lot of what’s (been) going on in the past couple of years in Charlotte has kind of hinged on the growing beer community. I think a lot of people are being exposed to something that is a little bit different from your typical Budweiser or Miller, in such a way that people are starting learn nuance.”

In other words, much like Denver’s craft beer scene – the attentiveness to quality is spilling over into the coffee culture of this neighborhood. So what does this mean?

More coffee houses!

Charlotte has seen a large influx of young business men and women relocating to its borders, which in turn has brought on young entrepreneurs and shop owners (and baristas) who are opening storefronts and businesses, helping to grow the city’s booming young population.

As the coffee trend moved from the Pacific Northwest in the 1980’s, small independent coffee shops began to open, building awareness of better coffee. Shortly thereafter, the big names began to set up shop in close proximity to the independents.  Interestingly, the independent shops survived and flourished – and a big part of that was the art and entertainment culture boom.


NoDa is Charlotte’s arts and entertainment historic district – a neighborhood filled with diverse art, live music, craft beers, restaurants, and custom gifts. Big into supporting small business – it is no wonder that the craft coffee scene has exploded within this community.


Pop into the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse for a small glimpse of the NoDa coffee scene. Full of art, conversation and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans – it is sure to please.

Cupa Cabana began in Charlotte, NC – which is why it holds a special place in our hearts. One thing is for certain – both Denver and Charlotte have impressive aspects that have helped build strong coffee communities. It is quite the match up!

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