No one said event planning came easy. With so many variables to account for, curating the perfect event can, at times, feel far from a reality. But, with the proper plans in place, making sure your dream day comes to life becomes all the more feasible. Although today’s article might not be pretty, event planning often comes down to the nitty-gritty.

When you begin conceptualizing your next event, make sure you account for the 5 c’s of event planning. Each one of these phases is as important as the next, so don’t sell yourself short. Take every “C” into consideration and get ready for the event of a lifetime!

The 5 Crucial C's of Event Planning


Everything begins with a concept. When you start building out the framework for your event, covering all of your bases and getting the details down just right is crucial. Here are just a few incredibly important factors to consider:

  • What is the primary purpose behind holding your event?
  • Who do you expect in the audience?
  • What date is best?
  • Where is the preferred area to hold the event?
  • What does entertainment look like?

And don’t stop there. Determining your event’s concept takes time and should be a highlight of your event planning process.


Once you consider all the different factors that go into your event’s concept, coordination takes the reins. The coordination phases are all about choosing a general theme, finding specific venues, getting in touch with the entertainment, and everything else that falls into the scheduling aspect.

One of the most trivial parts of the coordination phase is booking the catering service. Sure, catering can be a real pain in the neck since there are so many moving parts, but we’re here to let you in on a little secret. When you contact an all-in-one catering service like Cupa Cabana, this tricky part of planning is no longer a worry. NYC coffee catering company Cupa Cabana takes care of everything so you can move onto the next steps of planning without a hassle.


Staying in control is always essential to a successful event. During this phase, you need to account for the timing of different aspects and how you’re going to keep things on track.

Communication is vital during this “C” as you need to map out a plan for other vendors. Without control, events can go haywire quicker than one may expect.


We’ve reached the most fun step of them all! Now that you’ve planned everything to a T (or should we say C), it’s time to commence the big day.

As an event planner, make sure you keep an eye on timelines, security, and entertainment. Let’s face it; the unexpected should be expected. Things will come up – but with the other 3 c’s of event planning in place, you remain prepared for the worst.


Now that your big event was as successful as ever, you’ll take on the closeout phase. Did the event meet your (or your client’s) goals? Did you receive positive feedback? All of these moving parts must be evaluated.

Take what you’ve learned from your event and move forward in stride! There’s always something to take away from the big day.

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