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If you keep up with our content, you should be all up-to-date with the passé coffee trend that is whipped coffee. Doesn’t ring a bell? Click here to view our featured article on the TikTok coffee trend of whipped coffee and then head back here to learn about the latest craze sweeping the interwebs.

After brewing up your cup of coffee for the day, what’s your go-to mixer? Milk? Sugar? Well, we’ve got a new one for you that might take some by surprise. “Proffee” is the combination of protein powder with coffee, and some doctors are cosigning it as a healthy way to kick-off your day.

What's the Buzz about "Proffee?"

All about the “Proffee” Trend

People on the popular platform TikTok have been ranting and raving about the latest trend, “Proffee.” Combining protein powder with a cup of Joe, causal drinkers and health experts claim to feel more satisfied throughout the day. Especially for those who stay active and exercise, “proffee” may be the perfect alternative to start your day.

Let’s hope not too many of you turn to TikTok for nutrition advice. But aside from causal content creators, nutrition experts are also jumping on the “proffee” bandwagon.

What's the Buzz about "Proffee?"

“Adding protein shake to a coffee blend is an excellent way to get additional nutrition in the morning,” says Shena Jaramillo, a registered dietitian in Washington state. “Many people tend to choose coffee in place of breakfast, thus missing out on essential nutrients. Protein shakes in coffee can add sweetness and nutrition. This can reduce the intake of sugar and cream in coffee and add a more nutrient-dense choice to the mix.”

Could you view “proffee” as killing one bird with two stones? Some may. More information has been coming out recently on this upcoming trend, so we’ll keep you up to date with the latest. For now, stay tuned for our “proffee” recipe dropping later this week!

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