As you know, our company has been doing everything we can to adhere to the guidelines set in place for the events industry. As we pass the one-year mark of events being closed down, there’s no better time for an events-based company to pivot. But, this pivot does not necessarily mean you have to take your brand in an entirely new direction.

With the help of new and improved technology, options for adapting to the current event landscape have steadily increased over the past year. From contactless ordering options to virtual wedding expos, our coffee catering company is doing everything we can to survive this crucial time for the industry.

One other option that has seen an increase in popularity over the past year is the concept of hybrid events. By combining both live, in-person elements with remote, digital options, many popular meetings, and conferences have been able to stay afloat. Today, let’s dive into the concept of hybrid events and a few reasons why you should host one of your very own.

The Rise of Hybrid Events

What is a Hybrid Event?

Just as Zoom has become the go-to for businesses to stay in touch, hybrid events allow speakers & venues to keep in touch with their audience, virtually, of course.

Let’s look at an example of a hybrid event. One of the most popular digital marketing conferences, MozCon, had to turn to a virtual solution to keep their conference on track. With a select number of live speakers at their venue, viewers could tune in from the comfort of their homes via the MozCon website. Not only were attendees able to view speeches remotely, but the digital passes to the conference were also at a discounted rate. Cheaper tickets with the same quality speeches? Win-win.

The Rise of Hybrid Events

Why Should You Consider Hosting a Hybrid Event?

Aside from the obvious, there are three main reasons why hybrid events have surged in popularity. If you’re an event planner, virtual events can aid in:

  1. Increased Reach – Attendees in the past may not have been to get to your event in time for the big show, but with hybrid options, this is no longer the case. By making your event accessible online, more people than ever will be able to join in on the fun.
  2. Event ROI (return on investment) – Aside from the initial ticket price, hybrid events open up more options to turn a profit. Keynote speeches can be sold individually and can also be used for promotional purposes. Think about it, just because guests pay less to get into your event doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to pay extra for additional features.
  3. Important Data – By tracking the engagement of hybrid event-goers, you’ll be able to capture data that can be used for future events. When the doors open back up at our favorite venues, you’ll know exactly who your target audience is and how to interact with them.

Hybrid events have opened up the possibility for event planners to save money while increasing profits and measuring data. Although the event industry faces a stand-still, virtual options are the best option to turn to during these difficult times.

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