Shopping small this Christmas means helping a struggling family to pay bills. It means helping a single mother provide gifts for friends & family. Supporting local business makes all the difference for the thousands of business owners out there recovering from the effects of these past few years.

Unfortunately, particularly in the event space, many fellow catering and wedding planning businesses have been hit hard by COVID restrictions. With limited venue access as well as social distancing measures in place, adapting to the “new norm” remains challenging for many. As we continue transitioning out of lock-down, it’s more important than ever to keep small businesses in mind. So for Christmas 2021, let’s do our part in supporting the hardworking teams that keep the world of local biz intact.

Support Local Business this Year

Small Business Saturday occurred on November 27th, but that doesn’t mean the support ends there. Here at Cupa Cabana coffee catering, we continually provide catering services to both small and large businesses throughout the tri-state area. When you work with our team, we assure you that each step of our catering planning is as meticulous as the next. Many corporations may provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but as a small business, we think differently.

With the ability to add custom graphics to our mobile espresso bars, Cupa Cabana ensures that each event has a unique sense of flair. It has taken time to bring the coffee catering world to the next level, but our team is proud that we’ve made it through these trying years. As the original espresso and coffee catering company, we know exactly what it takes to make sure your catering experience is a flawless one.

Embrace the Holiday Season with Cupa Cabana
Custom Cupa Cabana Mobile Holiday Coffee Bar

Keep our team in mind when you plan out your corporate Christmas party or your winter wonderland wedding this holiday season. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support as we bounce back from the lingering effects of quarantine. Whether you want to gift a Cupa Cabana coupon card to a friend or are interested in a premiere coffee catering experience of your own, our small business is here to help.

Thank you.

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