If you’re sitting at home working and stumble upon this article, there’s a very high chance you’re also sipping on a cup of coffee. Remote work may have taken us out of the office and away from co-workers, but one thing remains the same; our caffeine intake.

Whether you drink just one cup to start your morning or more than a few cups throughout the day, coffee is always there to keep you going. But the question remains, does coffee actually affect your work productivity? What is it about coffee that gets us ready for the workday more than anything else? We have your answer today as we dive into the scientific studies around coffee and if it genuinely impacts our ability to work.

So grab that cup of coffee and get ready to learn about how our favorite morning beverage can assist us in tackling the workload that just came across your desk.

Can Drinking Coffee Actually Improve Productivity?
Can Drinking Coffee Actually Improve Productivity?

Let’s start with the straightforward answer you’re all looking for; does drinking coffee improve productivity? The short answer is yes.

Not only does coffee come packed with health benefits, including promoting a healthy heart and burning fat, there are also a few reasons why it helps us throughout the workday.

According to Psychology Today, “Caffeine confuses the brain by taking up the receptors for adenosine (which naturally signals your brain and body to slow down when you’re tired) so that you’re tricking your body into thinking it has more energy than it does.” Anyone who has risen out of bed at 5:00 AM for an important meeting knows exactly how that feels. So, scientifically speaking, coffee is one of the best ways to convince your body that you don’t really need those few extra hours of sleep.

But what else is it about coffee that gets us ready to take on the challenges of the workday? Studies show that not only does caffeine trick your body into having more energy, it also causes your body to release adrenaline. That “amped up” feeling we all know and love is one of the many reasons why coffee can boost our work productivity.

Can Drinking Coffee Actually Improve Productivity?

The next time you’re ready to plan out a corporate meeting or welcome your employees back to the office, what’s better than to provide them with a boost of productivity?

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