Engagement season has arrived, and we’re celebrating in style! Cupa Cabana specializes in mobile wedding coffee bars and catering, which makes this the perfect time of the year to break down a few tips & tricks for the ideal engagement. Aside from planning out the perfect proposal, the next step in your wedding process is nailing those engagement photos.

It’s not always easy capturing the perfect engagement scene! To make sure you and your special someone get the most out of your engagement recap, start by taking in a few of our recommendations. Sometimes the perfect photos aren’t just as simple as a self-timer on your selfie stick. No worries, after learning the engagement photo basics, you’re well on your way to the perfect shoot.

Tips & Tricks for Incredible Engagement Photos

Hair & Makeup: Leave it to the Professionals

First and foremost, it’s often the best idea to leave things like hair and makeup to the stylists. As much as we all like to pretend we can handle a full-on makeup session for a photo shoot, your squad at the salon is much more well-equipped.

Did you know photo shoots often require a more saturated makeup look, which is far different than everyday wear? Schedule your appointment with a wedding day stylist, and you’ll thank us later.

Dress to Impress

It’s no secret that you should dress to impress for your engagement photos, but what exactly does that mean? Different colors come out in prints more pronounced, so keep in mind your theme and choose outfits that complement each other.

As quoted from wedding photographer Molly King, look for neutral colors to create a more classic look. “Muted tones like beiges, taupes, blacks, and whites are the most flattering. Avoid deeply saturated or bright colors like a vibrant red or orange; those colors will reflect back on your face, especially in the sun.”

The Perfect Backdrop

To set the scene for your engagement photo session, make sure you both agree on a backdrop that suits the theme for your wedding. Opting for a winter wedding? Capture the feel of your wedding with photos set in a winter wonderland near an open field.

Are you feeling more adventurous for your engagement photos? Try incorporating some of your favorite activities. A photoshoot on a canoe or a hiking trail are both fabulous ways to bring your wedding’s theme to life.

Engagement Photo Experts

Last but certainly not least, make sure professionals plan your photoshoot. Whether determining the right time of the day to capture those angles, or picking the perfect location, wedding photographers know about everything it takes to capture the moment. You deserve nothing but the best!

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