Sure, selling a lot of tickets is one way to measure the success of your event, but there are also plenty of other ways to track event feedback. Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to keep your finger on the pulse before, during, and after an event. This is because so many different outlets give attendees a platform to voice their opinion on exactly how they feel.

Don’t let yourself get lost in the noise; here are three ideal ways to track the overall outcome of your event.

Measure the Success of Your Event with 3 Tools

Post-Event Surveys

Post-event surveys are a great way to get a feel for how guests viewed your event. If you have been using email marketing to collect contact information, schedule your surveys to send as soon as your event finishes up. Aside from the typical questions you may ask, make sure these topics are on your post-event survey:

1. Are you likely to recommend our event to friends and family?
2. How likely are you to attend one of our events in the future?
3. Is there anything you would change for this event going forward?

Surveys give a great general insight into the perspective of your attendees. Knowing the positives (and negatives) guests took away from your event is ideal information when looking for ways to improve.

Keep Your Eye on Social Media

We all know the power of social media these days. It is your job as an event planner or manager to keep your eye on the various social media channels involved with your event.

Start by thinking of creative ways to curate content from your event. For example, we recommend creating a specific hashtag that event-goers will use. By using one particular hashtag, you’ll be able to monitor the social media aspect of your event all in one area.

Number of “Sales”

Last but not least, sales numbers will give a good general idea of how well your event performed. Is your event highlighting a specific product or service? Turn to the sales metrics as they will be key numbers to keep your eye on.

Or, check out the number of sign-ups on newsletters and the number of email or phone call inquiries. This data will help give you a solid idea in terms of your event’s overall success.

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