The Cupa Cabana team is thrilled to announce our participation at New York Fashion Week 2019!

New York Fashion Week 2019 featuring Cupa CabanaIt’s not every day you get invited to one of the most pristine events in New York City. Our proud owner, Marianne Cardillo, has achieved this goal of hers, and we’re excited to share it with you as well. If you grabbed a cup with us at New York Fashion Week, make sure you give us a tag on social. We love seeing our coffee catering in action!

Real Baritias wear pink

New York Fashion Week 2019 featuring Cupa CabanaAll prepped and set for the special day, the Cupa Cabana team stayed suited for action! After teaming up with one of Sweden’s “unicorn” startups, Klarna, we made sure to stay on brand. If it weren’t for Cupa’s blend of beans, our hot-pink jumpsuits would have stolen the show.

As they say, the color pink makes everything pretty! Take a look for yourself; this saying is especially true with our espresso machines. A crowd favorite, our pretty-in-pink machine was a major conversation starter.

Our cups came with a minimal design that spoke directly to Klarna’s millennial audience. Sleek, stylish and modern; our bars transformation from professional to hip was a big hit. Seeing the crowd around our booth was obviously a boost for us but also our partners. It’s no secret just how much a mobile coffee bar can top off an event!

New York Fashion Week 2019 featuring Cupa Cabana

We’ll be back!

Here at our mobile coffee catering company Cupa Cubana, we would like to thank everybody who came together for New York Fashion Week and made our coffee bar such a success. It’s always an honor to be included in exclusive events all over the tri-state area; we can’t wait to see what more this year has in store!

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