Are you planning out any summer vacations this year? As crazy as the airports seem, you should always take time to relax and recharge. It’s been a long couple of years, and the least you can do is treat yourself to something special.

You could be a beach person, a forest person, or a city person; whatever the case may be, we have one thing in common; coffee love. As you likely know, coffee is the most popular drink globally, with around 2 billion cups consumed every day! There’s no shortage of vacation destinations for coffee lovers with numbers like that.

Top 3 Summer Destinations for Coffee Lovers

It can be tough to pick one place to visit, so you’re in luck today. We scoured the globe to find the three best destinations for coffee lovers, and you will not be disappointed!

Rome, Italy

Top 3 Summer Destinations for Coffee Lovers

Why not start on a strong note? And by strong, we’re talking about some of the best brews in the world. Did you know Italian espresso is considered the gold standard of coffee? Aside from the fact that espresso was first invented in Italy, the great people of this country are some of the world’s most renowned coffee lovers.

Now let’s get into why you should head to Rome, Italy, for the ultimate coffee-loving adventure. Beautiful historic architecture combined with coffee bars of all shapes and sizes makes Rome a must-see. Think of seeing the incredible landmarks accompanied by the sweet aroma of espresso; how can you go wrong?

Seattle, Washington

Top 3 Summer Destinations for Coffee Lovers

For all of our American readers out there, Seattle is the best option for coffee-lovers who are looking to stay closer to home. Home to the coffee giant Starbucks, Seattle has a rich history involving coffee and a laid-back attitude. Also home to a variety of specialty coffee shops, the people of Seattle consume more coffee than any other city in America.

Plan out your trip to Seattle and show off your true love for coffee!

Istanbul, Turkey

Top 3 Summer Destinations for Coffee Lovers

A little more out of the box, Istanbul ranks as a top destination for genuine coffee fanatics. Unlike Seattle, the locals of Istanbul are well-known for their famously rich, flavorful, and unique brewing method. Turkish coffee is strong, full-bodied, and everything you could ever ask for when it comes to a complete drink.


Istanbul, Turkey, is the place to see for all coffee lovers planning out their bucket lists.

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