Cupa Cabana’s unique setup not only exudes feelings of being in an espresso bar or cafe, but it has the functionality that results in the perfect cup for each of its patrons. Trained barristas operate the stations, and are able and ready to make adjustments to serve  clients anywhere at the highest level possible. Our barristas are trained  not just to serve you, but to provide you with an experience that awakens your palate and re-energizes your senses. We are equipped  with reliable equipment, and are able to serve anything from small intimate dinner parties to large weddings or corporate events. Every setup includes a detailed menu which can be personalized to the clients specifications. Cupa Cabana is able to bring experience and personable service together with a premium product to highlight any occasion. Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Bar provides a level of event expertise, which allows us to serve you with exemplary service in any espresso bar

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