Let’s face it: we’re all suckers for personalization. Who wants a cookie-cutter solution when a tailor-made approach would better fit your needs? Not to mention how much more fun it can be when something is designed just for you.

We at Cupa Cabana understand this desire for all things made-to-order, and not just for coffee. We can customize our whole mobile coffee bar experience to suit your unique ideas for your next event.

There are several ways we can help you “wow” your guests.

Jazz up your coffee cups with personalized sleeves that show off your corporate logo or monogram. Guests will not only be impressed with your extra effort at offering high-quality espresso drinks but also with your attention to detail. Can you picture a fleet of coffee cups sporting your brand throughout your venue?

Here’s a pro tip: add your monogram or logo to the front of our bar. As guests gather to enjoy our specialty coffee drinks, the personalized bar promotes your brand and makes a memorable impression. Whether it’s for a corporate event or a personal celebration like a birthday party or wedding, your signature mark will be front and center.

Cupa Cabana also offers different style bars to match the ambiance of your venue and d├ęcor. From casual looks to sleek designs, your espresso bar can echo the elements you’ve carefully chosen for your event.

Let’s not forget about the most creative way to add a special touch to your coffee: latte art. This satisfying steamed milk art form first emerged in the mid-1980s and quickly became a favorite treat for latte fans. Our skilled baristas craft espresso drinks with beautiful foam designs that float atop each satisfying cup. It never fails: guests delight in their drinkable art.

In the end, it’s the little things that set you and your event apart from all others. We would love to help you take something as simple as coffee and use it to elevate your event into an extraordinary gathering.

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