The New Year has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate! The crew here at Cupa Cabana wants to thank everyone again for their continued support over the past year. It’s been a difficult one to navigate, but we’re so excited to be back at home providing East Coast coffee catering to all of our fantastic clients.

With gatherings back in full swing, let’s take a look into one of our team’s favorites – weddings! Weddings are one of the most magical events we have the pleasure of bringing our mobile espresso bars to, and we’re counting down the days until the next big day.

For now, look forward into the year with us as we discuss the top “WOW” factors for weddings in 2022. Out with that karaoke machine, and in with new & improved means of entertainment!

Make memories that will last a lifetime with these top 3 wedding celebration add-ons.

Fireworks Show

3 Unique Ways to "WOW" Wedding Guests in 2022

People wait around all year until the 4th of July to watch magical displays of fireworks take place. So why not bring that same sense of magic to your big day? Wedding fireworks are a recent trend that can make an everlasting impression on your guests.

The average cost for a complete wedding fireworks show is around $1,000 – $3,000+, so make sure you open up room in your budget!

[Don’t forget to check your local laws before committing to a fireworks show! Without a permit, fireworks are illegal in New Jersey, so it is best to check in with the professionals who come locked and loaded with everything you need for a breathtaking experience.]

Food Trucks

3 Unique Ways to "WOW" Wedding Guests in 2022

Another trend that has taken over the past couple of years are those oh-so-yummy food trucks. These mobile eateries provide your guests with a unique choice of food that would otherwise be limited to what a venue offers.

Starting at around $500, a food truck is a fun and (somewhat) inexpensive way to include that “WOW” factor!

Mobile Espresso Catering

3 Unique Ways to "WOW" Wedding Guests in 2022 - Coffee Catering

As we look forward to 2022, catering options have evolved like never before! Coffee catering has emerged as one of the most popular options for those looking to have a unique and memorable celebration.

Cupa Cabana’s mobile espresso bars come in four different stunning designs that serve as a delicious treat and a way to keep to party going all night long. With the option to include custom graphics, Cupa Cabana coffee catering can also serve as the perfect photo-op.

Packages begin at $1099, and your guests will agree every penny is worth it!

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