So, you’re looking to take your brew to the next level? Introducing nitro brew!

The coffee industry has seen tons of improvements over the years, from the manual french press to the introduction of Keurig cups, the coffee world is continually evolving. It’s no question just how much people are in love with our office’s best friend – caffeine.

With the newest pour being put into play, the coffee world has kicked off a brand new type of buzz.

What's the Buzz about Nitro Brew?

C’mon, It’s Not Rocket Science! (Or is it?)

You may have seen this popular product being featured in the five Starbucks you seen on your way to work, but it’s for a good reason! Nitro cold brew has stepped onto the scene and taken java lovers by storm. What is it you ask, and why has it become a standard in most coffee shops? It’s all in the science! Nitro brews combine “nitro”gen (duh) with coffee to create a phenomenal new product.

Sure, it may seem a bit out there, but don’t knock it until you try it! The addition of nitrogen isn’t necessarily new knowledge. Think about sparkling water & beer, and how the addition of gas gives the beverage a whole new look and feel. But the real question remains, what makes it so unique?

No Sugar? Count me in

Thick and foamy as coffee should be, the Nitro brew offers even more to love. Forget the Splenda; the nitro foam adds that much-desired sweet flavor but without any add ons. As La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael states, “you can achieve the taste your tongue likes without adding any sugar to it at all.” 

As much as we all love a few scoops of sugar, let science do the work for you. You’re taste buds, and your personal trainer will thank you too!

What's the Buzz about Nitro Brew?

The Magic of Nitro

Healthier & better tasting with the flair of nitrogen bubbles? You can’t go wrong! As you may know, nitro brew has invaded local yoga studios all the way to your favorite library. 

Next time you have the option, give a try. The combination of all of these impressive factors makes nitro brew so hard to forget.

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