“What is your company about, and what does it have to offer me?”

Why Espresso Bars are a Great Addition to Any Corporate Event - Cupa Cabana

That’s the question every company must answer when they host a corporate event. The clues are in the details: the space where the gathering takes place, the décor, the music. These elements are part of your corporate branding and convey who you are as an organization. Guests take note of these details, to be sure, but nothing is more impactful to your overall brand statement than the flavors your guests experience at your event.

Top-notch food and drinks create a lasting impression, one that conveys quality and attention to the finer points of the guests’ experience. What might an espresso bar say about your company? It can communicate to your guests that you go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Just think; instead of drinking the usual, mediocre (at best) java mass-produced in a cavernous urn, attendees can savor a gourmet cup of coffee crafted from globally sourced espresso beans and served by a trained barista. Which would you rather sip? Yep, us too.

And let’s not forget that the real magic of an event is in the connections people make. It turns out that coffee is a potent bonding potion. Our expert staff can create an intimate coffee shop oasis in any setting you can imagine. Rooftop parties? Yeah, we’ve done that. Construction sites? Believe it or not, we’ve built many cups of delicious coffee there. We have even served our quality beverages on the bustling streets of New York City. No matter the location, there is power in the conversations and partnerships forged over cups of coffee.

When planning your next corporate event, think about the memorable elements you can add to convey who you are as a company. And consider the ultimate espresso bar experience to help you answer the question, “What is your company about?”

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