We love sharing our knowledge of coffee! We wanted to give our readers information in a fun, visual way – so we are introducing the first Cupa Cabana Coffee Infographic!


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Coffee Infographic Main Points

  • Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil.
  • 54% of Americans over the age of 18 are daily coffee drinkers.
  • 35% of coffee drinkers drink their coffee black.
  • 65% of coffee drinkers add cream/sugar.
  • People who increased their coffee intake by more than one cup per day over a 4-yr period had an 11% lower Type-2 Diabetes risk.
  • The risk of liver cancer is reduced by more than 50% for those who drink at least three servings of coffee daily, some studies suggest.
  • Coffee is the leading source of antioxidants in American diets.
  • Coffee contains trigonelline, an anti-bacterial with a pleasant smell and a factor in cavity prevention.
  • Coffee is a source of magnesium.

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