It’s no secret how popular espresso is around the world. Most notably, in Europe, this favorite coffee drink has made its rounds from country to country. Quickly becoming a go-to among coffee lovers, you may ask yourself, “what’s so great about espresso, anyways?” The truth is, there are tons of fantastic qualities to go over!

You may start your morning at home with a simple shot, or find one at your local mobile coffee cart; espressos have become easy to find.

If you’re like many and curious why this drink has taken so many places by storm, read on!

Taste & Smell

Of course, caffeine is key to coffee, but you can’t forget about taste. What’s worse than waking up to a burnt cup of coffee? With an espresso shot, flavor comes first. If you’ve had espresso and think that it’s a little bit to sour for your taste, it’s fair to blame the barista. These drinks are well known for being rich in flavor, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming.

On top of that, according to, espresso “captures the most delicate of the 800 aromatic compounds” in coffee, which is typically lost within 15 minutes of grinding up beans for a traditional cup. You just can’t beat the smell & taste of a proper espresso!

Consistent Quality

By removing the “human” element to the brewing process, espresso is well known for remaining consistent. During the initial brew, machine automating ensures the same delicious taste cup after cup.

With the proper espresso machine equipment, you can keep each espresso as mouth-watering as the last.

Quick & Easy

Only taking about 30-45 seconds or so, these popular shots are the quickest and most convenient coffee option.

With such a short brewing cycle, “tannic acid that occurs naturally in coffee beans with concentrations in the outer shell does not have the opportunity to break down and leach into and add bitterness to the cup.” Basically, the quicker the pour, the better the overall experience! What more could you ask for?

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