In this day and age, it almost feels like anything is possible. With the onset of COVID-19, the world is in a constant state of shock. Fortunately, our local communities have shown ways to adapt. Whether that means coming prepared with a medical mask or Purell, people always find ways to overcome the difficulties at-hand.

One significant impact this pandemic has had is on the wedding and event industry. With social distancing in full-effect, requests for gatherings of any size have dwindled to zero. But, as the saying goes, love always finds a way. Presenting the 2020 trend for getting hitched: virtual weddings.

Sure, virtual weddings don’t exactly sound like something you’d elect to do. Although with the current circumstances at hand, brides and grooms are finding ways to make the most of their special digital day.

Mr & Mrs. Marquardt

Set for April 4, 2020, Lucas and Melissa Marquardt got engaged last summer, not expecting to involve a global pandemic. But the show must go on!

Melissa Marquardt went on to tell NBC 7, “Honestly, I think everything else had changed, and so for me, that’s the one thing that I still want to happen.” Instead of a vacation wedding out in San Diego, the couple decided to set up shop somewhere a little more local; the living-room.

Are Virtual Weddings Becoming More Popular? Yes.
Are Virtual Weddings Becoming More Popular? Yes.

With over 75 guests ringing in from countries all over the world, this virtual wedding presents a beacon of light. “It’s so important that we see that there are still good things that are happening right now,” said Lucas Marquardt.

Even with the drastic effects brought on by COVID-19, virtual weddings are opening the door to a new world of possibilities. Don’t let the pandemic hold you and your love back! Hop on Zoom and let love tell the story.

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