It can be hard to keep up with trends nowadays. Whether it’s the latest craze on TikTok or the next big thing on the news, we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed. But don’t stress too much; you know our content is always here to keep you up-to-date with everything going on in the coffee world. After overcoming last year’s “whipped coffee” trend, we’ve been keeping a close watch on coffee trends to see what’s next.

So far this year, there haven’t been too many surprises. The main thing to note for the coffee trends of 2022 is the increased impact that Millenials and Gen Z have had on which coffee products are in the spotlight.

As we try to predict what’s going to become the “go-to” for coffee fanatics, let’s check out three coffee trends that are picking up speed.

Coffee Trends to Keep Your Eye On
More Cold Coffee

Coffee Trends to Keep Your Eye On

The younger generations are in love with cold coffee products. Similar to how iced tea has slowly overcome hot tea in terms of popularity, we’re watching the same thing happen with iced coffee. No, we’re not saying that hot coffee is on the way out. It’s impossible to replace the gold-standard delicacy we all know and love. But, we can say that going forward, you’ll notice that the prevalence of iced coffee options continues to expand.

Hey, we can’t complain – you can’t go wrong with a delicious cold brew!

Gourmet Coffee

Coffee Trends to Keep Your Eye On

The days of instant coffee being the go-to are seemingly on the way out. Coffee trends show that an increased number of coffee drinkers are starting to prioritize quality over quantity.

Here at Cupa Cabana coffee catering, we’re not surprised that gourmet coffee is becoming more of a common occurrence. Our proprietary blend of coffee beans from around the world is one of the many reasons our mobile espresso catering service has remained one of the industry’s best.

Canned Espresso

Canned coffee has been around for a while, but more companies are starting to take hold of the market. Do you remember only seeing Starbucks shots in the canned coffee section? Well, big names such as Peet’s Coffee and LaColombe have both solidified themselves in the canned espresso game.

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