Mobile Coffee CateringWhy should you choose a specialty service for coffee for your wedding, party, conference or special event?

Since you’ve planned everything down to the last detail, why worry about the coffee? Your venue or caterer will take care of it, right?

Well, yes they will but how good is it?

We are all coffee connoisseurs now. The popularity of Starbucks has elevated our knowledge and desire for really good coffee. I’ve been to so many affairs where the food was great and the coffee terrible!

What a tragic way to end the evening. The truth is, the coffee from most caterers and in most venues is an afterthought, a product they provide (and charge you for) that they don’t really put much thought into. It’s part of the package so they do it, but they usually don’t do it well and don’t mind that it’s not done well. We’ve all been to those events.

Cupa Cabana Mobile Espresso and Coffee Services – We go to You!

Now you can have your very own specialty coffee bar, catering specifically to your wants and desires. Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Catering will do just that.

One call to Cupa Cabana takes care of everything – no expensive equipment rental or purchase, no products to buy (yes, including beans and Italian flavoring syrups) and no costly training. More importantly, who wants to spend their entire event making coffee, lattes, or espressos for your guests? Wouldn’t you rather spend time WITH them instead of SERVING them?

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