Trade Show ServicesDo you want to attract more prospective customers to your booth? Or, are you looking for an easy way to approach prospects in your booth?

That is exactly why our Trade Show Services came to be. Having a coffee bar in your booth at a trade show is a proven method to help you accomplish ALL of these goals. People are so much more willing to spend more time in your booth once you’ve offered them a cappuccino, latte or espresso.

Cupa Cabana Espresso & Coffee Catering will come to your show, grind fresh beans (the aroma alone attracts people), prepare and serve all of your guests their very own beverage prepared just for them. Your prospects will be greeted professionally and courteously by our friendly, trained barista staff, making them more likely to be receptive to you.

You’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll wonder why you never did it before! We customize — and we go to you!

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