We understand. Staying on top of an event is a finely tuned skill. It takes time and experience to master and even then can be daunting. One of the ways we stay on top of our catering – from coffee to treats, is through the use of simple catering checklists. A catering checklist allows us to keep an eye on the pertinent needs and requirements, based on an event. Needs will change from event to event, however staying on track with necessities is important. This basic list will help.

Why Utilize a Catering Checklist?

Staying on top of an event is crucial, especially when ensuring a smooth delivery of services. It pinpoints the specific needs and wants per event. Understanding the guest and host needs also allows for fine tuning of other important event aspects. Menu. Theme. Timing. Venue. Adapting to the specifics of an event is crucial, and a list keeps us on track.

An Example of a Catering Checklist

Basic Information

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Location
  • Planner Contact:
  • Description/Event Type
  • Time
  • Guest Count
  • VIP Guests
  • Contract

Equipment/Setup Needs

  • Menu (determines equipment)
  • Transporation and loading/unloading of equipment
  • Venue contact
  • Setup type (simple setup or one of the specialty packages)
  • Ensure power and other aspects of catering station(s) ¬†mapped out (per venue)
  • Bowls/cups/plates/napkins/cutlery/trash bags/tablecloths/sweetener and sugar packets/toothpicks


  • Room Design/Seating
  • Parking
  • Signage


  • Establish special needs (allergies?)
  • Customized menu or pre-determined package
  • Menu signage


Again, each checklist we create will be customized per event, and the above bullets are the basic points of importance. Without knowledge of these basic points, event details may fall through the cracks. A catering checklist keeps us in check, on point, and on task. Event planners will have their own version, as will venue managers. Working together and establishing contact information from stage one is crucial in keeping on task and not stepping on other’s toes. Congratulations. You are well on your way to a successful event with these tips and tricks.


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