Thinking of a way to incorporate the beauty of fall into sometimes mundane office life? What about hosting a fall-themed teambuilding event? Ciders, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice – even better, why not take a fall event to the next level with a little road trip to a local farm, stand, orchard, or pumpkin patch!


Why Should I Consider a Fall Event for My Company?

Why? Well here are some great reasons to consider a fall event for your office or business needs.

Support Small Business (Farms)

While it is easy to go to the big name stores to grab a pumpkin to carve up, why not visit a local farm to indulge on fresh, organic items? Enjoy the warm sun and brisk air as you work with your team to find the best-looking produce. Host a pumpkin carving, or apple pie contest after as a bonus to further indulge in the tastes and feel of fall!

Fall Event Ideas - Cupa Cabana
Photo via Southeast Farmpress

Fresh Ideas, Outside the Office Walls

Out-of-the-office activities allow for sharing ideas and new thoughts in a relaxed, fun setting. This goes for if you’re a tight-knit team tackling a heavy-duty project planning session, or you’re hosting a client meeting and want to do something a little bit more out-of-the-box. Working together through activities and discussions in a new setting will harbor new ideas, new conversations, and new business relationships.

Get to Know The Team Better

Some of our clients work in environments where the departments are very segmented. Everyone goes to work, does their job, then leaves to go home. While the majority of our work week finds us under the roofs of our companies, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore the thought to get to know our colleagues in different departments. Hosting a pumpkin or apple picking trip is a good way to mix and mingle business teams.  They get to know each other better, which builds team morale and spirit.

What if We Cannot Leave the Office?

If leaving the office is not an option, bring fall into your business with a fall-inspired, catered gathering. It doesn’t have to be large.  You’d need a few seasonal beverages, some dessert or small finger foods. This is really all you need to break up a mundane work day and give a team an instant, and much-appreciated mental break.


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