Can you believe summer is coming to an end already? Although summer 2021 wasn’t exactly how everyone planned, hopefully you enjoyed time off to relax and recharge for the year.

If you’re like many of our readers and preparing to send off the kiddos back to school, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with everything going on. Well, the least we could do here at Cupa Cabana is try to help!

Schools are back in session, and students are piling back into the classroom. Here are a few coffee-related back-to-school gifts that are perfect for welcoming back teachers. Hey, whoever said being a teacher’s favorite is a bad thing?

3 Coffee Related Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

1. Coffee Box Subscription

3 Coffee Related Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

An entire school day can take a lot out of a student. Now imagine how much it can take out of a teacher. We all know that coffee is a teacher’s best friend (for many reasons), so speak their love language with the gift of a coffee box subscription!

We’ve covered a few favorite coffee subscription boxes in the past, so make sure you freshen up by clicking here.

2. Custom Coffee Mug

3 Coffee Related Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Are you a fan of the hit tv show “The Office?” If so, you know where we’re going with this custom coffee mug idea. However, rather than a “World’s Best Boss” mug, there are several websites out there that allow you to customize a saying of your very own.

You may just want to hold off on the “World’s Best Teacher” until right before grades are sent in…

3. Travel Mug

3 Coffee Related Back-to-School Gifts for Teachers

Teachers deal with the daily happenings of a classroom, and many have to follow up with a long commute. A travel mug is the ideal back-to-school gift for your coffee-loving teacher!

There’s nothing worse than pouring a fresh pot of coffee only for it to be cold by the time it hits your lips. Click here for a travel mug that will last the test of a commute, year after year.

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