It’s 2021; conventional church weddings are out, and unique ones are all the rage. Don’t get us wrong, traditional wedding celebrations are still perfect for your big day. Of course, there’s always a place for a basic ceremony with a typical wedding theme, but today we’re sprucing things up.

After scouring the interwebs for wedding inspiration, we’ve come up with three unique color combinations that actually work. And when we say they work, you’ll soon agree they work amazingly. 

Celebrate your love with colors that pop just as much as the champagne will after toasting to your love. There are no rules for wedding colors and themes, so why hold back? Take a look at these three unique wedding color combinations, and let the inspiration flow. 

Unique Wedding Color Combinations That Really Work

Blue and Gold

Unique Wedding Color Combinations That Really Work
Photo Credit: Damion Hamilton

Although many opt to pair the cool blue tone with metallic silver, we’re here to switch it up. Gold accents pop perfectly off of a serene, blue color. 

Pairing the power of gold with a calming blue can make for a stunning wedding color combination!

Blue, Pink, Orange Green

Unique Wedding Color Combinations That Really Work

Why stop at just two colors? Pairing blue, pink, orange, and green gives you nearly every shade you could ask for. These vibrant colors are ideal for spring or summer weddings, pairing perfectly with a wildflower bouquet.

Maroon and Yellow

Photo Credit: Astray Photography

Maroon is one of the richest and boldest hues out there. However, by pairing it with a striking yellow color, the two shades are balanced out perfectly.

Your bridesmaids will look stunning as they arrive in maroon dresses, carrying a combination of roses and sunflowers. 

Bold maroon balanced by cheery yellow? The best of both worlds.

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