We all share the same appreciation for the most requested bean across the globe. Coffee has been known to possess some pretty magical characteristics which cultures continue to reference for thousands of years. Most know that you can ground coffee beans into a formula used for the rejuvenation of your skin, but what else? While some are more skeptical about spreading coffee on their skin, coffee drink hacks (other than for our morning boost) list longer then people expect.

Coffee isn’t only for the cup. Here at New York City coffee catering company Cupa Cabana, we’ve compiled a few life-changing coffee hacks that you’ve likely never thought of. Which ones are you most surprised by? Please drop us a comment on Instagram to get the conversation started!

3 Life-Changing Coffee Drink Hacks for Summer
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Coffee Iced Cubes

What’s one of the worst parts about iced coffee? That nasty melted ice taste, of course! So, are you ready to ice your favorite drink while keeping the flavors alive? Coffee iced cubes are a great way to keep your beverage both chilled and tasty.

As simple as pouring coffee into an ice tray and sticking it in the freezer, this life-hack is definitely worth a shot!

Try Coffee Out in the Garden

As one of human’s most respected sources of fuel, coffee is also beneficial to a greener part of the world. Packed with potassium, nitrogen and other healthy properties for plants, coffee grounds can increase a plant’s yield with healthier and more robust fruit. Spread out those coffee grounds and watch your garden flourish!

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3 Life-Changing Coffee Drink Hacks for Summer

Iced Coffee Popsicles

For us coffee lovers, iced coffee is a must-have on a bright and sunny summer day. Even though we all return to this timeless option, what’s wrong with sprucing things up? On the next day the sun peeks through, get your caffeine fix with an iced coffee popsicle. With the simple combination of cream and iced coffee, freeze your go-to into a childhood classic everyone can enjoy.

Spark that nostalgia while keeping your coffee crisp! Iced coffee popsicles are the perfect coffee drink hack.

3 Life-Changing Coffee Drink Hacks for Summer
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