The past few months have had disastrous effects on the event industry. In terms of both event planning and organizing, the pains from COVID-19 hit harder than ever. Many small owners have been left in a state of panic as this pandemic continues with no end in sight.

As the original coffee catering company, Cupa Cabana has been forced to adjust to measures put in place by the CDC. It hasn’t been easy for anyone. In terms of canceled and postponed events, a survey by PCMA showed “eighty-seven percent of respondents said they have canceled — and 66 percent have postponed — events as a result of COVID-19.”

With such substantial numbers not showing any signs of decline, we ask ourselves, will the event industry ever be the same after COVID-19?

Expect Changes

After discussions with other event industry professionals, the feeling of a strong return isn’t exactly on everybody’s mind. Regarding the PCMA survey, respondents didn’t seem as optimistic as you may anticipate. “It feels like my industry became obsolete overnight,” stated one survey goer, and this comes with little surprise.

Are Virtual Weddings Becoming More Popular? Yes.Numbers show that several key factors have now plagued the in-person event world. 7 out of 10 respondents have begun embracing the virtual aspect of things and taken get-togethers to an online platform.

Many who are taking the virtual route don’t plan on this being short term solution. For event professionals that neglect an online presence, expect a struggle to ensue. As the industry takes on these significant changes, the most important thing to do is adjust.

One more area affected by the pandemic that is worth noting is the ability to travel. With the anticipation of a lower attendance, the demand for more substantial events is also expected to decline.

Although some experts believe there will be “pent-up demand,” one thing is for sure – the event industry is evolving with the times. Are you?

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