Let’s get real; the “basics” of coffee blending are far from basic. With so many different aspects to decide on, creating a proprietary coffee blend for your company can be difficult. To start off, it takes time, knowledge, and access to quality products.

As a premier coffee catering service for the tri-state area, Cupa Cabana knows just how much of a difference the proper beans can make. We’ve dedicated time to establish our proprietary blend of coffee sourced from around the world, and our clients can taste the difference.

After speaking with several local café owners, it’s no secret how much of an impact a curated blend can have on both the business and your customers. As we said, it isn’t easy, but your efforts won’t be lost. If you’re looking to learn why you should establish a proprietary blend of your own, you’re in the right place.

Join us as we dive into a few reasons why taking the lead and producing a mix of your own can elevate your catering service to the next level.

A Proprietary Coffee Blend Can Make all the Difference

Signature Taste

After you work with your team to figure out precisely what you want your blend to represent, it’s time to dive into one of the essential aspects – taste.

With help from our friends over at sweetmarias.com, we’ve compiled a few critical ingredients to get your cup tasting just right. One example of a blend for a dark roast with heavy acidity goes as follows:

  • “40% Colombian, Nicaraguan or Brazilian roasted Full City to preserve body.
  • 30% Mexican (or other mild Central American) roasted French for sharp, carbony – a roast-related flavor term, referring to burnt flavors from dark roast levels.
  • 30% Kenya Estate roasted City for bright acidy snap.”

With these flavors in mind, go check out sweetmarias.com for a full blending guide. They’ll help you get an idea of exactly what you should be blending, and why!

The taste of your proprietary blend is what is going to keep your customers buzzing, and prioritizing quality over quantity is always best.

Know What to expect

Aside from the taste of your proprietary blend, there are a few other reasons why a signature pour can make all the difference. Think about Starbucks. When you go into Starbucks, you don’t hear too many customers ordering a “30% Ethiopian blend combined with 70% Columbia.”

By establishing a mix that everyone knows and loves, you create a loyal and eager clientele.


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