Time and time again, we work with clients who stress the importance of making sure everything at their event is up to the highest standard. Here at Cupa Cubana, our team recognizes the importance of professional quality. Whether it’s with our industry-leading espresso equipment or our extensively trained baristas’ magic, we know how to get the party started.

Even with a perfect catering service pairing, some ideas require a little more attention. By hiring an event planner, you take true steps towards a memorable day filled with laughs, love, and plenty of photos. But, with all of these possibilities laid out, it’s not uncommon to hear hosts who look past the value of a committed event planner.

Let’s face the music, to achieve renown results; you need to hire the best. Begin by reaching out to our team so we can discuss taking your event to the next level. Once we discuss how our team will bring everything together, you’ll want to chat with an event planner for a few reasons – let’s dive in!

Why Hire an Event Planner?

Watching the Budget

When it comes to planning out the perfect event, the first major decision that needs to be made is establishing a budget. As easy as this sounds, keeping in line with a strict budget can be difficult. It takes experience & expert knowledge to know which areas of the party will need more attention than others.

By working side by side with an event planner, expect lower overall costs, much less waste, and a real feeling of getting BANG for your buck.

Keeping with the Theme

No expertly planned event forgets to keep with the theme – and an event planner helps do just that. Even when you work with a coffee catering service for your corporate party, sometimes a bit of glitz and glamour is what takes things over the top.

Make your event shine with a theme that will leave your guests clinging to photo ops and sharing your perfectly planned party with the world.

Saving Stress

At the end of the day, the major reasons to hire an event planner is to ward off all that inevitable stress. Like our team here at Cupa Cubana, an event planner can help provide the precise plans to a successful meet-up.

Don’t feel the stress of being left out on an island during your planning process. Get in touch with an event planner, and you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, make sure you reach out to our staff to learn about all the ways coffee catering can transform an otherwise forgettable day.

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