When you arrange for Cupa Cabana to take on your event, you know that the coffee catering service will be world-class. Our baristas arrive with everything you need to keep your guests buzzing. In our previous articles, we’ve talked plenty about our industry-leading equipment. The espresso machines that we employ are no joke, and your party-goers will taste the difference.

How to Master Stovetop Espresso Brewing in 5 Easy StepsBut, what about when coffee catering isn’t in the picture? When you’re at home and looking to pour up a steaming cup of espresso, you might be limited to a few options.

Put away those Nespresso capsules! We’re about to break down one of the more cost-effective ways to brew. Let’s take on the stovetop espresso maker in 5 easy steps!

#1 Water Comes First

To start off, open the bottom chamber of the pot. Pour in enough preheated water to fill it up. Preheated water is an excellent idea to make sure the coffee doesn’t get burned up on the stove. Once you’ve filled the chamber with that steamy water, it’s time to move on to step two.

#2 Coffee Time

Once you have picked out your favorite ground coffee, add it to the filter. Super finely ground coffee is our favorite way to go, but it is really up to your personal choice. Make sure you don’t pack the filter too tight, beans need to breathe too! Once you level off the coffee grinds so that it is even, place your filter into the bottom chamber.

#3 Put the Chambers Together

After we’ve got the water and coffee all lined up, it’s time to combine the top chamber with the bottom one. Simply twist the two layers together until it is a tight seal. It’s essential to make sure the two chambers are secured together to prevent the possibility of a failed brew.

#4 Flame on!

Now, turn on the stovetop so that it is merely at a low flame. Place your pot on top of the heat and wait for the magic happen. Patience is key!

#5 Almost Ready to Serve

You’ll be able to tell that your coffee is almost ready to serve when the top layer begins to fill. Now grab your  go-to mug and get to pouring. Step five is all about enjoying the hard work from your stovetop espresso.


How to Master Stovetop Espresso Brewing in 5 Easy Steps

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