Are you still having trouble recovering from the dreaded “quarantine 15” extra pounds of fat that most of us have encountered over the past year? Or, maybe you’re just looking for ways to substitute unhealthy foods in your diet. Regardless of the reason, today’s coffee blog post centers around which type of coffee is best for losing weight.

What's the Best Type of Coffee for Losing Weight?

Now, most of you know that coffee itself is very beneficial to our health. Studies have shown coffee links to positive effects on heart health as well as an excellent pre-workout for those looking to enhance weight loss. It’s impressive just how many benefits come with a cup of coffee every morning!

Unfortunately, your daily dose of caffeine may be loaded with a lot more negatives than it appears. If you’re someone who loads up on sugar packets, creams, and syrups, this post may be the perfect wake-up call. It’s tough to lose weight when your morning starts off with a calorie count that’s off the charts!

Let’s continue the conversation about which type of coffee is best to drink when you’re trying to lose weight. Like most things, the healthiest version isn’t always to most tasty!

What's the Best Type of Coffee for Losing Weight?

Drink Black Coffee!

Did you know “coffee contains nutrients such as niacin, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants — which can improve digestive health, support muscle function, and lead to better heart health?” also noted that the caffeine in coffee “boosts metabolism,” which “improves energy, and can promote weight loss.” So with all of that being said, how can coffee be bad for you at all? Well, popular drinks from chains such as Starbucks come loaded with hidden sugars and calories.

Unlike the less than five calories per cup black coffee has, a Mocha Frappuccino® from Starbucks clocks in at around 370 calories. Putting that into perspective, the typical tortellini dinner comes in at 366 calories. Kicking off your day with the same amount of calories as a full dinner isn’t doing your weight loss journey any good!

What's the Best Type of Coffee for Losing Weight?

With the general idea of how many calories are in the average Starbucks recipe in mind, let’s get back to the main question. What is the best coffee to drink for losing weight? Simple enough, black coffee is your go-to for weight loss. With the lowest amount of calories, you can limit your sugar intake to just one or two tablespoons.

Ideally, drinking black coffee with no additives is the best weight-loss choice, but switching from Starbucks’ sweets to bitter black coffee might not be the easiest!

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