When people imagine there dream wedding, the same tropical oasis often comes to mind. Sitting on the beach, taking in the sun while saying “I do” to the love of your life doesn’t sound too bad. But, here on the east coast, we’re ready to take on the other side of wedding destinations. Ditch the beach and grab your jackets, today we’re talking all about winter wedding trends.

Winter weddings are ideal for setting an intimate scene that won’t be forgotten. Imagine the view from your hotel’s balcony, overlooking the white wintery mix with your life-partner. But, before we get to the honeymoon, we need to make sure everything comes together for your winter wonderland.

Here are three winter wedding trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!

Winter Wedding Trends for 2020

1. Comfort Food

At your winter wedding, expect people to be craving something a little more on the comfy side. As much as we all love serving up a lobster tail for your fine guests, winter calls for something new. Think soups and stews paired with a delicious apple pie. Comfort food brings the room together while still keeping things elegant and classy.

2. Don’t Forget a Coffee Bar

We might be biased, but a coffee bar remains an essential part of a winter wedding. It’s not just about letting your guests know you care about their experience. With a mobile coffee cart, you fill the room with the aroma of a fresh brew. Your guests will line up for a piping espresso, and thank you later.

3. Bring on the Greens & Reds

Other then the menu, there are a few winter wedding trends to dive into. When it comes to picking out the perfect wardrobe for your honored guests, the feeling can be overwhelming. Let’s keep things memorable yet straightforward. It shouldn’t surprise you that deep reds accompanied with dark greens are the optimal colors for winter weddings.

Leave your guests inspired by mastering the signature holiday colors & giving them a modern feel.

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